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Technical Programs

Paper Oral Presentation, Sept. 25 2017

Session 1: Informatics and Information Systems

Evaluation of Operational Efficiency of Workload Based Vessel Information Control System
        Zhengxian Wei, Min Song, Hongbin Wang, Bo Li, Yingqi Wang
A Simulation Architecture Design of Spatial Information Cyberspace System
        Hongsheng Wang, Chongdao Wang, Hao Qun
Improvement of Flexibility and Elasticity in Kubernetes-enhanced Docker Container
        Xin Guo and Jun NI
Web Front-end Framework Construction Based on MVC Model
        Qing Shi
Risk Assessment Model for Cross-border E-commerce Platform
        Can-can Dou
Core Element Design of Internet Software Product in User Experience Perspective
        Renying Zhao, Jun Ni
Big Data Based Commercial Ecological System and Its Construction Strategy
        Jia Yu, Zhiqiang Zhu
IS Success for SMEs: An Improvement of Entrepreneur Sales through IS Deliverables
        Guodong Piao

Session 2: Data Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, and Mining

Parallel Optimization Algorithm Based on Association Rules
        Daming Pei, Jianfeng Wang, Hongbin Wang, Yang Song, Chhang Chandaravuth
Strategies of Supply Chain Finance Countered Buyback Risks under Buyback Contract
        Qun Chen and Tian-tian Yuan
Harmonic Field Theory based Weight Functions for Electromagnetic Flow Metrics
        Xuejing Li
An Architecture Design of a Configurable 3D Vision Simulation System
        Zhang Heng, Liu Jia, He Man, Yinan Cui
A Personalized Privacy Protection Method for Clustering Mining
        Dong Xu, Ziying Zhang, Mengmeng Zhang, Yulong Meng, Shaopei Ji, Xian Li, and Siyuan Gong
Survey of Big Data Engineering
        Xuejing Li
Analysis and Research of Sales Data Visualization
        Danjue Zhang, Ping Dong, Xijing Hu
Data Analysis of ADLS Trainee Feedback Mechanism
        Xiaotong Liu, Xunyi Lu, Lang Ma, Lujia Tang, Ying Chen
Generalized and Automatic Workflow with Real-time Judgment in Equipment Test and Control Software System
        Houbin Chu, Liye Zhang, Guo Jing, Changwei Jia, Changqin Wang, Jianzhong Li

Session 3: Information Networks and Data Communication

User Ranking in Microblogging Network
        Hongbin Wang, Guisheng Yin, Lianke Zhou, Yue Fu
Design and Implementation for Wireless Secure Communication System Based on VPX Architecture
        Qian Wang, Zhe Li, Yun Xia, Jianwen Cao
Linear Frequency Modulation Interference Suppression in DFH Systems
        Zhe Li and Yusheng Yang
Integrated Anti-Jamming Communication Technology Based on Cognitive Radio
        Xiao Li, Zhe Li, Hua Wang
An Abnormal Intrusion Detection Model Based on Sub-graph Mining
        Dong Xu, Lingling Zhang, Yulong Meng, and Ziying Zhang
Performance Analysis of Solution for Common Problems in Storage Area Network
        Xuna Zhang and Tiantian Yuan

Session 4: Knowledge Discovery and Decision Making

Customer Reviews Classification Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
        Tian-tian Yuan, Xuan Zhang and Qun Chen
Knowledge-based Collaborative Design Method
        Liwei Wang, Hongsheng Wang, Yanjing Wang, Daqing Guo, Xiaolu Wang

Session 5: Artificial Intelligent and Applications

Compare Analysis of Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Based on Vehicle System Design
        Yuancheng Chi, Feihua Cai, Changwei Jia, Hongsheng Wang, Changqing Wang
Modeling Analysis of Intelligent Manufacturing System Based on Software Defined Networks
        Yun Bai, Guochu Shou, Yihong Hu, Zhigang Guo
A Software Reliability Prediction Algorithm Based on MHPSO-LSTM Network
        Dong Xu, Shaopei Ji, Yulong Meng, Ziying Zhang and Guangsheng Feng
A Software Reliability Prediction Model Based on Deep CG - LSTM Neural Network
        Dong Xu, Lei Wang, Yulong Meng, and Ziying Zhang
Autonomous Stratification Algorithm Based on S-MAXQ
        Dong Xu, Ziying Zhang, Mengmeng Zhang, Yulong Meng

Session 6: Computational Science and Engineering

Chip and Implementation of Real-time Middleware Based on VMIC
     Changwei Jia, Ning Yan, Yuancheng Chi, Xiaolu Wang, Changqing Wang
Design of Single Chip Microcomputer Display Module Based on Proteus
     Lijun Wang
Hardware Design and Implementation of Multi-rate CIC Decimation Filter based on FPGA
     Li-bo Li and Qun Chen
A Hybrid Algorithm Bi-objective Pipelined Scheduling without Transfer Delay
        Min Liu
Key Technologies of Developing WeChat Official Account Based on C#
        Zhaoyang Han and Zhenguo Zhao
Data Processing of Cosmic Shear in CFHTLS Deep
        Jing Xu and Jun Ni
Object Tracking Based On Particle Filtering
        Xin Gu, Zhi Ting Fei, Wu Xing Fei, Jun Ni
Image-based Intelligent Monitoring of Elevator Overload Capacity Using A Modified Computer Vision Algorithm
        Zaiying Liu, Ping Yang, Lixiao Zhang

Session 7: Education and Training in Informatics and Computing

ERP Curriculum Study and Course Deployment in Big Data Environment
        Xuan Zhang
Discussion on the Practical Teaching Mode of “Modern Educational Technology Application” Course
        Li Lin, Jun Ni
Exploring the Construction of Micro-Course Curriculum in U-Learning Environment
        Li Lin, Jun Ni
Exploring the Reform of Database Course Experiment under the Background of Big Data
        Minghuan Zhang and Ying Chen
Curriculum System of Mechatronics Technology Talents Training in Vocational Colleges
        Guirong Wang
SDMCS: A Multimedia Corpus System for Language Teaching
        Zhaoyang Han and Zhenguo Zhao
New Consideration of Course Curriculum for Business Data Analysis Specialty in E-Commerce Major Undergraduate Program
        Zhiqiang Zhu, Jia Yu
Data Analysis of College and University Distribution in Western China under "the Belt and Road" Environment
        Guirong Wang