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Paper Submission, Format Requirements and Review


      It is required to submit non-published, non-submitted, original papers. The paper subjects should be whitin the scope of conference solicitation in the conference's call for papers.


      Online Submission address: icicse2017@126.com
      Word Paper Template: Microsoft Word Proceeding Templates:


      Each paper will be peer-reviewed by conference review board members. The review process follows the following statements andrequirement. The details can be found in ICICSE Publication Ethics and Malpractice Staement.

- All of a conference’s content should be subjected to peer-review.
- Peer-review is defined as obtaining advice on individual manuscripts from reviewers’ expert in the field.
- It should be clearly described on the journal’s Web site.
- Judgments should be objective.
- Reviewers should have no conflict of interest.
- Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.
- Reviewed articles should be treated confidentially.

The detailed information about conference publication ethics and malpractice statement can be foud here.

Each accepted paper requires to sign copyright form before publication. The copyright form which can be obtained by clikc here.