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Welcome to the Ninth International Conference on Informatics & Computing for Science and Engineering (ICICSE|17). The conference will be held on the Shanghai Sanda University, Shanghai, China, Sept. 23-26, 2017.

Welcome to the International Conference on Informatics & Computing for Science and Engineering in 2017 (ICICSE|17). It is the ninth conference of the series used to be called “Internet Computing for Science and Engineering” since 2006. This year conference was held on the campus of Shanghai Sanda University, Shanghai, China, during September 23-26, 2017. This year’s conference will organize several special sessions such as

Informatics and Information Systems
Data Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, and Mining
Networks and Data Communication
Knowledge Discovery and Decision-Making
Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Computations in Science and Engineering.

There are authors and partipants from many universities, research institutes, and companies. There are mainly from India, USA, China, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, et al. The conference has a special international workshop on data engineering application and education, held on Sept. 24, 2017at Sanda University campus. Sept. 25,2017, people orally present their technical papers or demonstrate their research and education results at poster session. The details can be found at conference technical program.

About the conference:

Information-based computing is of importance in academies and enterprises. Its information and computing technologies are successfully applied to many multi-disciplinary fields. The technologies and applications are mainly focused on the fundamental computing principles and innovative methodologies, intelligent applications using today’s cutting-edge information technologies such as internet and wireless communication and networks etc. for scientists, engineers, technologists and educators. There impacts are already being felt in many disciplines. The research and development of information (mainly data) and computing requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, not only in sciences and engineering but also in cutting-edge information technologies including networking, information security, and data engineering.

Many successful applications of information and computing technologies rely on mature algorithms and implementations, efficient practical and reliable methods, large-scale distributed computing systems including cloud computing, data intensive computing like big data, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary for us to continuously organize such conference series to promote campus-wide research and education while to strengthening the relationships between academies and enterprise industrials.

The conference offers academic researchers and educators an opportunity to discuss various aspects of information-and-computing-related methodologies, problem-solving techniques, and education/training skills in every academic application fields which are related to information and computing. The conference advocates research and teaching experience share and encourages future academic and industrial collaborations.

It is co-organized by USA-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Education Society, a non-profit organization to promote education in science and technology since 2006, and Shanghai Sanda University, a non-profit institute with itself 25 years-anniversary in China. The conference is operated by the conference program committee.