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Technical Programs

11月6日 Registration

11月7日上午 9:00AM-9:15AM Harbin Engineering University Dean of College of Computer Science and Technology, Guisheng Yin Opens Conference

11月7日上午 9:15AM - 9:30AAM Conference Program Chair, Dr. Jun Ni Introduces the conference organization status

Dr. Jun Ni received his BS of Naval Architecture from Harbin Engineering University in 1982, MS of ME from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1984, and Ph.D. of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iowa in 1991. He received 2 years postdoc training at University of Iowa and then Purdue University. Since 1994, Dr. Jun Ni worked as Senior Computing Consultant, Associate Scientist, Scientist, Manager in Research Computing at the University of Iowa. In 2007, he joined the Faculty of Radiology as an Associate Professor in Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa. He also had joint professorship in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science, and graduate programs in life science/healthcare informatics. Jun published over 130 SCI and/or EI indexed academic research papers on journals or international conference proceedings. He served more than 20 journals editors or editor-in-chief. He edited over 33 conference proceedings. He was PI or co-PI for many US based research grants including NIH, NSF, Intel and Microsoft. He has been honored as visiting professors at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Engineering University, Shanghai University, and visiting Chair Professor in Sanda University, respectively during his sabbatical leaves. He enthusiastically involves many research projects mainly in power population systems, thermo-fluid mechanical systems, materials processing, parallel computing, scientific computing, nanotechnology, medical imaging, and computational medicine and medical informatics, data science and engineering.

11月7日上午 9:30AM - 10:30AAM Keynote talks
 “Overview of Quantum Information Technology” by Dr. Changming Zhu, Senior Engineer in the Research and Development Center of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Dr. Changming Zhu was born in Henan Province, China. He received a Ph.D. of Computer Science and Technology from Harbin Engineering University in 2011. He visited the University of Iowa as visiting scholar from 2009 to 2010. In 2011 he joined the Research and Development Center of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and served Engineer, Senior Engineer. He is Project Leader of 973 and 863 plans sub-topics. He enthusiastically involves many research projects mainly in trusted computing, Quantum communication and Cyber space security.

“SOSE-enhanced data intensive computing in science and engineering for innovation" by Dr. Jun Ni, Chair Professor in School of Information Science and Technology, Shanghai Sanda University

10:30AM-12:00PM Paper Oral and Poster Presentations

12:00PM-1:30PM Lunch

1:30PM-4:30PM Paper Oral and Poster Presentations

6:00PM Dinner

Paper Presentations

Internet Computing (Distributed, Grid, Cloud, Web Application)

HPC-enhanced Software Correlator in Chinese VLBI Networks
Juan Zhang, Weimin Zheng, Li Tong, and Lei Liu
A Query Mechanism of Massive Relational Data Cross Regional and Multiple Data Centers
Jing-mei Li, Qiao Tian, Jia-xiang Wang, Jian-li Li, Yu Bai, and Sen Lin
Design and Research of the Authority Control Based on Creation Role
Jing-mei Li, Qiao Tian, Zhi-yuan Chen, Chang-ting Shi, Da-peng Lang, and Jia-xiang Wang
Integrated Information Supporting Systems in Big Data Applications
Zheng-hao Sun and Chang-ming Zhu
Research on Program Execution Time Assessment of LLVM IR Program
Shuyong Liu, Yanxia Wu, Tianxiang Sun, and Guoyin Zhang
A Method for Microblog Search by Adjusting the Language Model with Time
Song Li, Hui Ning, Zhongyuan Han, and Haoliang Qi
Association Rules for Auditing Systems
Linshan Shen, Shaobin Huang, Xiangke Mao, Junjun Fan, and Jianghua Li
A Dispatch Method of Complex Information System Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
Yan Yan, Haierhan, Yao Zhang, and Sijia Liu

Algorithms and Computational Methods

The Object Tracking Based on Integral Covariance Matrix
Qian Wang, Xin Gu, Zheng-hao Su, Zhe Li, and Jun Ni
Weighted Sub-block Mean-Shift Tracking with Improved Level Set Target Extraction
Xingmei Wang, Hongbin Dong, Yan Chu, Xiaowei Wang and Lin Li
The Modified HR Calculus to Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space and the Quaternion Kernel Least Mean Square Algorithm
Wencui Xu and Dongpo Xu
Improved Collaborative Filtering Recommendation via Uncommonly-Rated Items
Guisheng Yin, Yuxin Dong, Hongbin Dong, and Wansong Zhang
The Transformation and Optimization of IR2VHDL
Shuyong Liu, Yanxia Wu, and Guoyin Zhang
Cluster Ensemble Based Image Segmentation Algorithm
Lei Wang and Guoyin Zhang
The Improved Variable Length Counting Bloom Filter Based on Buffer
Shichang Xuan, Dapeng Man, Wei Wang, and Wu Yang
Review of Analysis Method and Computational Solutions for Thermal and Electrostatics Effects
of Slender Bodies
Hongsheng Wang, Haozheng Sun, Chongdao Wang, Qun Hao , and Jun Ni
A New Rapid Acquisition and Tracking Technique for High-dynamic Spread Spectrum Signals

Zhe Li, Xiao Li, Hua Wang, and Qian Wang
Occluded Face Detection Based on Adaboost Technology
Hua Wang, Xin Gu, Xiao Li, Zhe Li, and Jun Ni
Research on Domain-Oriented Latent Policy Lineage Mining Method
Gang Liu, Wray Buntine, Xiaoxiao Yang, and Weiping Fu
SIFT Vector Field Building Algorithm
Jing Shen, Haibo Liu, Yanxia Wu, and Xingmei Wang
System Dependency Graph Construction Algorithm Based on Equivalent Substitution
Yulong Meng, Dong Xu, Ziying Zhang, and Wencai Li
The Review of Uncertain Data Stream Clustering Algorithms
Yue Yang, Zhuo Liu, and Zhidan Xing
Lean Production based Ship-hull Section Assignments Decomposition
Qingtao Gong, Mei Meng, Zhigang Li
Hull Section Cluster Analysis Based on Principle of Similitude
Qingtao Gong, Mei Meng, and Hongtao Song
ISAR Imaging Based on SVA and Time Frequency Analysis
Zhiting Fei
Analysis of a Liquid Rocket Combustion Chamber Cooling
Yiteng Wang
Teaching-Learning-Based Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimization Problem
Changming Zhu, Haierhan, Jun Ni

Informatics and Information Technology

A Volume-Averaged Mathematical Model for Biological Systems Part I Macro-micro Conservation in Tissue Transports
Jun Ni
A Volume-Averaged Mathematical Model for Biological Systems Part II Interfacial Transfers and
Jun Ni
SoSE Architecture of Data Intensive Computing for Healthcare Information System
Jun Ni, Ying Chen, Jie Sha, and Minghuan Zhang
The Research of Software Behavior Recognition and Trend Prediction Method Based on GA-HMM
Ziying Zhang, Dong Xu, Yulong Meng, and Xin Liu
Anatomy of Functional Components of Healthcare Information System
Jun Ni, Ying Chen, Jie Sha, and Minghuan Zhang
Migration from HPC-based Data Processing Systems to Cloud-computing based Data Mining Systems
Jun Ni, Ying Chen, Jie Sha, and Minghuan Zhang
Hadoop-based Distributed Computing Algorithms for Healthcare and Clinic Data Processing
Jun Ni, Ying Chen, Jie Sha, and Minghuan Zhang

Networks and Wireless Networks

Assessment of Node Reputation in MP2P Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Meijuan Jia, Huiqiang Wang, Junyu Lin, and Guangsheng Feng
Research and Design for USB and Network Cards Encryption Interface Card
Zhijiang Liu, Yanxia Wu, and Fanyin Meng
A QoS Aware Routing for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
Qingfeng Jiang, Chaoguang Men, Baishun Zhang, and Shuang Fu
A Fuzzy Ranking Based Buffer Replacement Strategy for Opportunistic Networks
Yushu Zhang, Huiqiang Wang, Guangsheng Feng, and Hongwu Lv
Research on Communities Detection in Social Network
Hongbin Wang, Guisheng Yin, Yue Fu, Lu Wang, and Wenqian Xu
A Web Security Data Detection Technology Based on Grouping Scan
Shichang Xuan, Dapeng Man, Wei Wang, and Wu Yang
A Method of Online Social Network Node Importance Evaluation Based on the Topology Potential
Yong Wang, Jing Yang, Jianpei Zhang, Jianchuan Zhang, Hongtao Song, and Zhigang Li
A Business Data-Oriented Workflow Mining Algorithms and Its Application
Yong Wang, Jianchuan Zhang, Jiahe Cui, Hongtao Song, and Zhigang Li
An Improved Strategy to Eliminate Redundant Compilation based on Dalvik JIT
Wenxiang Lu, Yanxia Wu, Yanzhang Wang, and Guoyin Zhang

Education and Distance Learning

Design on Mobile Micro-English Vocabulary Learning System Based on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Theory
Weiyong Zheng
Development of E-commerce Curriculum with Educational Cooperation between Schools and SMEs
Qun Chen and Jun Ni
Evaluation of Big Data enhanced Higher Education Systems
Shaouing Li and Jun Ni
Mismatches in the Integration of Multimedia Technology into College English Teaching
Guohua Li
An Integration of Etymology with Vocabulary Teaching
Guohua Li
The Teaching Model of Flipped Classroom Based on MOOC
Min Song, Yin Song, and Zhengxian Wei
A Measurement of Text Emotion Complexity in Micro-Blog
Lixiao Zhang, Jun Ni, and Xinzhi Wang
Design and Research of Teaching Resources Management Based on SSH and AJAX
Yu-ping Jin, Yanzuo Liu, and Guangtao Song

The authors came from the followings organizations:

Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology,Beijing, China
College of Automation,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Daqing Normal University, Daqing, China
College of Computer Science and Technology,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China
College of Information and Communication Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,China
College of Shipbuilding Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,China
Department of Computer Science & Information Systems,University of Limerick,Limerick, Ireland
Department of Culture Management, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Shanghai, China
Department of Mathematics Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College, Harbin, China
Foreign Languages School, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics,Shanghai, China
Information Security Research Center,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China
Joint Laboratory of Information and System Security, Harbin Engineering University, China
Monash University,Clayton, VIC, Australia
Mudanjiang Normal University, Mudanjiang, China
School of Computer Engineering and Science, Shanghai University,China
School of Computer Science and Technology,Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Jiangsu, China
School of English and International Studies,Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China
School of Information Management and Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Shanghai, China
School of Information Science and Technology,Shanghai Sanda University, Shanghai, China
School of Languages,Shanghai University of International Business and Economics,Shanghai, China
School of Mathematics and Statistics,Northeast Normal University,Changchun, China
School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
Science and Technology on Space Physics Laboratory,Beijing, China
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Shanghai, China
Systems Engineering Research Institute,Beijing, China
Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China