The Sixth International Conference on Internet Computing for Science and Engineering (ICICSE|12)


Technical program

(Preliminary Schedule):

April 21

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April 22 Morning

8:30AM Opening, University President Speech, Invited lectures, Keynote Lectures(Main Auditorium)

April 22 Afternoon

Sections oral presentations and posting (No. 1, 2, 3 Mediam Lecture Rooms)

April 23 Evening, Conference Banquet

April 23 Morning

Sections oral presentations and posting (No. 1, 2, 3 Mediam Lecture Rooms)

April 23 Afternoon

Sections oral presentations and posting (No. 1, 2, 3 Mediam Lecture Rooms)

Special lecture: How to write scinetific paper fro international conference proceeding and jounrals (lectuer: Dr. Jun Ni)

5:00PM, Conference Closeure


Accepted Authors

Based on P2P Streaming Media VODahead Predictive Algorithm Realization in Embedded System
Min Cao and Ai-rong Liu

A Context-based Requirement Acquire and Description Method
Daojun Han, Ke Zhou, Yuxiang Ma, and Caili Fang

A Survey of Normal Perforation of Stiffened Plates by Truncated Ogival Projectile
Ting-bian Zhan, Shu-fang Lv, and Zhi-gang Chen

Study on Fracture Test on Enhancement Roads for Vehicle Rear Axle
Yu-zhuo Men, Hua Wang, Liang Xu, Hai-Bo Yu, Yu Han, and Na Huo

A Modified Incremental Learning Approach for Data Stream Classification
Na Sun and Yanfeng Guo

Research on Application of RDFa in RESTful Web Services
Xinyang Feng and Ying Fan

Kalman Filter Restraining Outliers for Short Baseline System
Li Zhuang and Qiao gang

Research of Temperature Prediction of Bulkhead in Fire with Simulation and Experiment under Different Ventilation and Fire Power
Xiaojun Zhu, Chenhua Zhong, and Zhiqing Yang

Face Detection in Complex Background Based on the AdaBoost Algorithm
Guanglei Sheng

The Research for the Algorithm of Digital Image Watermark Based on Decomposition of Wavelet Packet
Ai-ping Ding and Shu-juan Dong

A Scheme for Intelligent Campus Based On Internet Of Things
Hongshan Qu and Miao Wang

Safety Content Filtering Based on Incremental Induction of Decision Trees
Yuan-yuan Fu

Determination of Non-commercial Forest Site Quality in Southern China
Zhanghua Xu, Kunyong Yu, Jian Liu, Zenglu Li, Ziqing Yang, Haochen You, Wanjun Xie, and Conghong Gong

A Method of Fast Mode Selection based on Block Residual
Jing-yu Zhao and Wei-zhe Wang

Multiple Solutions for a Second-order Differential Equation Model with Two Parameters via a Variational Method
Peiluan Li and Zhiyong Chang

The Research on the Data Safety of Education Management Information System
Kai Lai and Xiaodong Lu

Information Theory-based Amendments of SAR Jamming Effect Evaluation
Li Xin

A Method of Legal Text Formalization
Shaobin Huang, Dapeng Lang, and Tianyang Lv

Analysis on Influence Domain of Internet Ware Evolution based on Semantic Relation
Min Song, Guisheng Yin, Daxin Liu, Hongbin Wang, and Jun Ni

Tracking of Rapid Motions using Particle Filtering based on Grid Resampling
Jibin Fu, Yuan Wang, and Xin Bai

The Ontology-based Testing Platform for Reusing
Xuexiang Li and Wenning Zhang

An Efficiency Collision Detection Algorithm for Rigid Objects
Yu Feng, Yongbo Yang, Zhendong Xu, YanChun Liu, Yongbo Yang, and YanChun Liu

Wireless Sensor Network Multi- Path Routing Protocol Performance Evaluation and Realization
Hengjuan Tang

A Real-Time Path Tracking Approach for a Wheeled Mobile Robot
Zihui Zhang and Yueshan Xiong

An Minimum Cost Active and Backup Path Algorithm with SRLG Constraints
Yongqiang Yang, Yongqiang Zhang, and Xiaowen Zhang

Studies Review on Express Self-Healing Routing
Yongqiang Yang, Kai Lai, and Xinyang Feng

Rate Optimal Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing
Nader Nasri, Kamran Zamanifar, and Mohammad-Hossein Nadimi-Shahraki

Study on the Theory and Methods of Grading and Classification for China Sea Area
Cao Ke

A Novel Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Xiaofei Ma and Jie Li

Vibration Control of Maneuvering Spacecraft with Flexible Manipulator Using Adaptive Disturbance Rejection Filter and Command Shaping Technology
Zhongyi Chu and Jing Cui

A Petri Net Semantics for Web Service Choreography Description Language
Jieying Li, Huijuan Zhang, and Haiqiang Dun

Achieve the Communication between upper Computer and AB PLC in the Tyre Building Control System
Tong Zhao and Xiao-jiao Yu

A Question Classification Based on SVM and Question Semantic Similarity
Shuling Zhang and Yanan Zhou

A Sensor Network Topology Controlling Algorithm with Balancing Energy Consumption
Guo-min Wu and Xiu-fang Xu

Evolvable Image Filter Design with Multi-objectives
Zhiguo Bao

Image Classification in Document System of Real Estate Enterprises
Lu Han, Jianqiao Yu and Jianbang Chen

An Effective Custering-based Prefetching Scheme for Spatial Databases System
HuichaoMi and Yafeng Zheng

Parallel Processing on WRF Meteorological Data Using the Mpich
Yongfen Wu, Guanghui Xu, Yanlai Zhao, and Yanqing Tan

Cache Architecture for High Speed multi-Dimensional Packet Processing Based on NP
Ge Li

Image Recognition based on Radial Harmonic Fourier moments and SVM
Haitao Hu and Lingqian Kong

Study on A New Teaching Streaming Media Format and Its Applicat ion Solution
Qing Wei, Fang Zhou, and Yongqiang Zhang

Problem Difficulty Analysis for Vehicle Routing Problem with TimeWindows
Lin Tian

The Comparison of the Estimator of the Variance in the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
Li Huan and Meng Liu

Group Secret Key Generation Algorithm from Wireless Signal Strength
Yunchuan Wei, Changmin Zhu, and Jun Ni

Cut-off Grade Optimization Using Stochastic Programming in Open-pit Mining
Shouguo Li, Chang Yang, Minghu Wang

Smooth Ternary Subdivision Surfaces with Bounded Curvature
Pan Jun, Hao Xiao

A Hybrid Mehtod of Image Restoration and Denoise of CT Images
Wen-jing Shao, Jun Ni, Changming Zhu

Context-Aware Commodity Recommendation Information Service in E-commerce
Yongqiang Zhang and Huichao Mi

Intelligent Decision Support System based on Intelligent Information Push-Pull
Yi Liu and Junhui Liu

An approach to build a P2P Content Distribution Structure of high Performance
Chen Chen and Fuke Shen

Network Analysis of the mTOR regulator
Anli Yao and Wen-ze Li

A Web Service Discovery Method Based on the User Clustering
Zheng Ka, Xiong Hailing, and Yujie Cui

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 1394b Bus with Deterministic and Dtochastic Petri net
Yu-sheng Yang and Changming Zhu