Welcome to the Fifth International Conference on Internet Computing for Engineering and Science (ICICSE|10) . The conference will be held in Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China, Nov. 1 2010.

Internet-based computing is an important and urgent field with multi-disciplinary research. It focuses on algorithms development and implementations of cyber-computing for scientists and engineers. Its impact is already being felt in many science and engineering disciplines. Current research in internet computing requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, not only in sciences and engineering but also in cutting-edge information technologies for academic and research computing. Many science and engineering explorations rely on mature, efficient algorithms and implementations, practical and reliable numerical methods, distributed and large-scale computation systems. Therefore, we have been continuing organize a series of internet computing for engineering areas and science domains. We have successfully organized annually-based conference called International Conference on Internet Computing for Engineering and Sciences. Every conference were held on the campus of Harbin Engineering University in the winter of Harbin (China) in the past, where people touch the base and today’s internet computing, while enjoying the beauty of the ice festival. All the previous conferences were very successful events. The ultimate goal of this kind of annual conference is to promote campus-wide research in computer science and information science, especially for graduate students who love to pursue their academic career. The conference vision is to break traditional computer science towards to multidisciplinary domains through internet-based computing and computations for science and engineering. This year we organized the conference again. The conference is called The Fifth International Conference on Internet Computing for Engineering and Science (ICICSE|10). It will beheld on the campus of Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China, Nov. 1, 2010.

This conference offers academic researchers, developers, and practitioners an opportunity to discuss various aspects of computational science and engineering-related computational methods and problem solving techniques for science and engineering research.

This conference is sponsored by The College of Computer Science and Technologies, Harbin Engineering University, Scientific, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Education Society (STEMES), USA, the University of Iowa, USA, and MediX Computing Inc. It will be operated by the conference program committee. We hope to attract people from diverse science and engineering disciplines, nationally and internationally, to attend the workshop, present their research results, share their experiences and ideas, and plan future collaborations.

The conference proceeding will be published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS). The conference will be submitted for various Indexing, including EI index, as we did in the past.

We welcome people to submit paper(s), or participate conference program. Appreciations always go to people who can organize special sessions, review conference papers, and make this event successful.

Best Regards,

General Chair
Yong Shi, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Program Chair
Jun Ni, Professor, Department of Radiology, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, the University of Iowa, USA
Program Co-Chair
Shaobin Huang, Professor, College of Computer Sceince and Technologies, Harbin Engineering, University, Harbin, China

Publicity Chair
Junyu Lin and Changming Zhu, HEU
Joe DeMarie, STEMES, USA