Invited Honorable Guests and Speakers

Dr. Steve Cunningham, ACM SIGGRAPH Past Chair and Retired Professor, California State University Stanislaus

Topic: Teaching and Learning in the Internet World

Professor Cunningham has had a 40-year career of teaching, scholarship, and professional service. He holds an undergraduate degree from Drury College and graduate degrees from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. He has taught at the University of Kansas, Birmingham-Southern College, and California State University Stanislaus, where he was a Gemperle Distinguished Professor. He was a program officer with the U.S. National Science Foundation and a Noyce Visiting Professor at Grinnell College.

He has served on the boards of several professional associations, including the Mathematics Association of America and ACM SIGCSE, was on the Executive Board and Executive Committee of the European Association for Computer Graphics, and held several offices in ACM SIGGRAPH including Director for Publications and Chair. He co-founded (with Judy Brown) the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee and founded the Eurographics Education Board. He was elected a Eurographics Fellow and received the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award.

His professional focus has been computer graphics, especially computer graphics education. He is author, co-author, or co-editor of seven books on computer graphics-related topics, including two recent textbooks, and one of his texts has been translated into Chinese. He has extensive international speaking experience, has worked on a number of conferences, and is particularly associated with a number of workshops on computer graphics education.

Judith Brown, ACM SIGGRAPH Past President and Retired Manager of Advanced Research Computing at The University of Iowa

Topic Theme: Visual Learning for Science and Engineering

Judith Brown taught mathematics and computer graphics, and she managed the Advanced Research Computing Services at The University of Iowa, working in high performance computing, visualization and virtual reality. She was co-founder (with Steve Cunningham) of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee in 1982 and held four different SIGGRAPH Executive Committee positions, including two terms as President. She is a Fellow in Eurographics, an honorable member of the Academic Committee of the State Key Lab of CAD & Computer Graphics at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, and a member of the International Advisory Committee for the National Visualization Center, Escola Politécnica da USP, São Paulo, Brasil. She is co-author or editor of four books on computer graphics and has given invited talks on computer graphics and visualization worldwide.

She has had a long-term interest in education and visualization for learning and research, and she continues to work actively on applications of computer graphics and visualization for education. Since retiring from The University of Iowa, she was an invited Noyce Visiting Professor at Grinnell College, has been a frequent panelist for U. S. National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal reviews, and was a Co-Principal Investigator on an NSF grant for Visual Learning in Science and Engineering that included an international workshop in Hangzhou China. She serves on the Editorial Board of two international journals and on program and advisory committees for a number of international conferences on computer graphics, visualization and virtual reality.